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It's like it was in 2020: a thousand-people festival is unthinkable. And we are all tired of screens too. Also, at the same time we are full of hope and full of drive. As you might have noticed, it took us a while to think it really through but now we are ready and we have once again rethought Waterkant.

Against the backdrop of increasing vaccination and the stable/declining infection situation, we are cautiously confident about the further development of the Covid19 situation until June and throughout the summer.

So instead of bringing you all to Kiel Holtenau in the traditional way over two days or turning your living rooms into virtual Waterkant stages, we're inviting all of you to the festival bit by bit, throughout the whole summer.

Aerosol research has shown: air exchange is the be-all and end-all. The festival site, hall 51 on the MFG5 grounds, holds the incredible opportunity to execute Waterkant and all the smaller events as an all-outdoor-event. The fact that all hygiene and distance regulations will be adhered to is - of course - out of the question. Nevertheless and despite all the plans and happy anticipations, the health of everyone involved Β remains our top priority.

So we have set up a 10-point safety measures catalogue to make all events of the Waterkant Festival Summer as safe as possible. To help make a well-informed decision about how and when you want to join the Festival Summer, please take a look through the following points.

  1. federal, state and city regulations:
    For all planning and implementation, the regulations by the federal government and the state of Schleswig-Holstein are the guidelines we follow.
  2. all-outdoor setup:
    All gatherings related to the Waterkant will be planned and implemented as outdoor variants.
  3. regular tests:
    The entire team involved in the implementation of the Waterkant Festival Summer will be tested regularly on Covid19.
  4. pre-registration:
    Pre-registration is mandatory for every event (even free ones) in order to coordinate the flow of visitors.
  5. very limited number of tickets:
    Only a very limited number of tickets are available for each event to ensure that all other measures mentioned here can be implemented.
  6. ticket + test:
    Event tickets are only valid in combination with a negative Covid19 test. Admission can only be granted with proof of a negative Covid19 test of the respective event day. A test can also be taken on site for a fee. Persons with respiratory illness symptoms are not permitted to attend.
  7. contact tracking:
    For contact tracking purposes, both employees and participants of all events are required to store their contact details digitally (Luca App or similar) or analogue (form). The data is kept for a period of 6 weeks; it is only passed on to the health authorities on request and for the legally regulated use, and the data is deleted immediately after the retention period has expired. We ensure that the data is handled in accordance with data protection regulations.
  8. masks are compulsory:
    The wearing of FFP2 masks (or comparable) is compulsory in all areas for both staff and participants.
  9. hygiene measures:All persons must disinfect their hands before entering premises (e.g. toilets) and after contact with shared surfaces. For this purpose, disinfection stations are provided in sufficient number, in appropriate distribution and clearly marked.Contact surfaces and sanitary facilities are cleaned regularly with a grease-dissolving household cleaner and disinfected with an at least limited virucidal agent.
  10. spacing regulations:For all set-ups, a generous space design is pursued so that distances of at least 1.5m are maintained. As far as spatially possible, one-way arrangements will be made for entry and exit. In addition, clearly visible distance markers for orientation and corresponding signs will be installed. Where the 1.5m distance is not given, plexiglass panes are installed for protection.

We reserve the right to exclude any person from the event, who does not comply with the measures. We want you to feel safe and comfortable at the Waterkant Festival Summer. If you have any questions about our Covid19 measures plan, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

If you are an organiser of events, large or small, who would like to discuss how we can make events even safer, feel free to drop us a line!

Collaboration rules! πŸ’ͺ


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