Signals from the Future #09 – Inclusive Funding

Amrei Andrasch
KNOWEAUX Applied Futures
For the 9th edition of our Signals from the Future format we invited Maria Amelie // Startup Migrants, Kirsten Mikkelsen // WEstartupSH and Heidrun Twesten // Founder of Impacct, Business Angel and Coach, all who have been active in the startup scene for several years by supporting, coaching and promoting young business talents to discuss the topic of inclusive funding.

What does 'inclusive funding' mean and why is it important?

According to studies, only 1,6% of worldwide venture capital (VC) goes to female founders. For Germany this number even shrinks further to 1,6% for 2020. The fact that 96% of venture capital decision makers are male plays a significant role for these numbers. People invest in people who are similar to themselves because the level of (self-)identification is much higher. – a fact which is also true for aspects as educational background, ethnicity or even skin color. So, the structure of the investment sector is male dominated and therefore raising VC is less likely for founders of underrepresented groups like women or migrants.

The good news are: changes are beginning to happen.

One of these changes ist a change of mindset as we should get rid of the notion that every startup needs to become a unicorn with a billion-dollar investment. If we update and diversify our ideas of founding a startup or business, other funding options become relevant. If we sharpen our perspectives we are not short on alternative and more inclusive investment options.

If you want to get to know more about why many women aren't actually keen to take a seat in conventional VC firms, which role rich ladies might play in diversifying the investment landscape and what Maria focuses on with Startup Migrants you should defenitely tune in and re-watch this Signals from the Future episode.

In our show notes you find further information on our guests and links to the initiatives discussed.

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