Waterkant Festival 2020: Thematic Tracks (en)

Waterkant Festival 2020 - Thematic Tracks

Waterkant, this year for the first time as _virtual edition, brings about 100 sessions with 140 speakers to your living rooms throughout the month of June. How do you keep track of all that is going on? We've put together 10 thematic tracks that will take you through the three weeks of talks, panel discussions, workshops and meetups in different ways. The program on the homepage can be easily filtered by the individual tracks, so that you have everything you need at hand! We will now introduce you to the tracks and what they are all about.

Track #1: Futures Design

How do we get ready for the challenges of the future - as individuals, as a company, as a society?

Waterkant Festival is not only a showcase for innovation in the North, and connecting of start-ups and companies, but also an inspirer for thinking towards the future. The track "Futures Design" reflects exactly this and takes us on a transformative journey throughout the entire festival. In more than 10 sessions all curious and transformation enthusiasts can be inspired by future thinkers, learn how to transform their business holistically and receive tools that let us confidently follow the uncertain path – first by taking the perspective on the individual self in week one (#newleadership #resilienz #neuerituale #bodyintelligence.), then looking at organizational futures in week two (#stewardownedcompanies #workwithwisdom #organisationaltransformation #systemsmapping) and futures scenarios for society in the last week (#socialimaginaries #re-evaluatingbelonging #transformativesträumen #systemschange). You can as well start straightaway with transforming your mindset with some great tools at hand throughout the workshops. Get comfy with uncertainty!

Track #2: Artificial Intelligence

What is all about, what possibilities are there and is it really only about robots that make humans superfluous?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has now arrived in all our lives and, according to all forecasts, will change our lives permanently and fundamentally. With Kiel.AI we have a vivid initiative in Kiel, which informs and networks actors, interested parties and other initiatives. This year it will be involved in the Waterkant Festival for the first time and more than 8 sessions on the topic of AI await you. The Coding.Waterkant Online-Hackathon from June 5th to 6th, for which you can register here, will kick off the festival. The hackathon starts with a keynote by Timo Möller from deepset on current developments in the field of Natural Language Processing. If you think this is too ambitious for you to get into the topic, you can get inspired by the resulting projects in the final presentation on Saturday afternoon or join the sessions on how to 'Get Your Company Ready for the AI Age' every Wednesday at 5pm. Beginners in the topic of AI will learn how and with which resources the introduction to the topic can be successful. Be it for the company or your own further training. The sessions by Max Haarig and Carla Husted are also exciting for those interested in AI. They will discuss our (also ethical) relationship to artificial intelligence.

Track #3: Digital Ethics

How to deal informed and responsibly with the possibilities of the digital world?

Digital ethics is a key factor in the design of companies and systems, as most innovations and disruptions rely on digital solutions, while legislation is often slow to catch up. In the middle of this balancing act, which we all do every day in one way or another, the Society for Digital Ethics was created in 2019 with the aim of discussing data capitalism and the digital impact on society in a broad, public and understandable way. The Society for Digital Ethics is curating its own track on the topic this year. Over the entire three weeks of the Waterkant Festival, there will be more than ten individual sessions that attempt to answer the question of what is ethical in our relationship to machines and algorithms. Among the participants are Schlecky Silberstein, author, founding member and board member of the Society for Digital Ethics, Carla Husted, Project Lead "Ethics of Algorithms" of the Bertelsmann Foundation, and Max Haarich, member of the Society for Digital Ethics and ambassador of the Republic of Uzupis, who says that artificial intelligence will always be unethical, which, according to Haarich, is perfectly okay. Questions about the protection of children and teens on the internet (Daniel Nübling), data sovereignty (Vincent Timm) or the relationship between ethics and design (Carina Wente & Maren Rittmeister) will also be raised and discussed.

Track #4: Startups

Startups from Northern Europe show what they have to offer in the way of smart and innovative ideas.

Waterkant without startups would be like sea without water, so we have prepared loads of pitch sessions for you. For eight sessions you can apply to pitch in front of different communities. Among them are 1E9 from Munich, StartupTV from Berlin, Next Commerce Accelerator from Hamburg, Starterkitchen and GEOMAR from Kiel and the Huss Group from Aarhus. They all have the most exciting startups from their region in their luggage. And at the end of the event, all teams will even be awarded a place in Startup Camp SH, which starts on June 22nd and will select the three best startups on June 26th with a place in the Plug and Play Accelerator and a 3-month stay in Silicon Valley! Until 31.5. you can still apply here!

Additionally, this year for the first time the speed-dating format MatchUP! will take place, where young entrepreneurs get in contact with managing directors of North German companies. Places are limited, but you can still apply until 31.5.

But there are also other exciting sessions for all startups and those interested in startups on topics such as #NewMittelstand (Evgeni Kouris), #ZebrasUnite (Kasia Odrozek) or #StewardOwnership (Antti Virolainen).

Track #5: State of Reality

How can virtual realities both challenge and enrich our understanding of reality and our interaction with each other?

What is the state of our Reality in the 21st century, and how can new, immersive technologies help shape our future digitally to become more diverse and barrier free? The track State of Reality offers a glimpse into Virtual Worlds: Archaeologists with VR Headsets, Social Studies amongst Avatars, Art in the cyber-ether and healing via headsets. These are just a couple of the questions that our international Metaverse-Kosmonauts coming together at Kiel’s digital Waterkant this summer will attempt to solve. The track is curated by the inspiring minds behind Doppel Real, an independent digital reality studio here in Kiel, from which much will be heard! Immerse yourself in virtual realities with us and experience that digital is different, but no less moving! 

Track #6: Sustainable Perspectives

Ways towards a sustainable society and economy - which problems are we facing and why is it still worth moving on?

The track shows how organizations and social entrepreneurs positively impacting on creating a sustainable future. During the three festival weeks, the heads behind many exciting projects will introduce themselves in about 10 sessions and discuss what e.g. fair fashion really is and how scalable sustainability in companies is. Learn about the principles of Cradle2Cradle, Open Source Hardware and how important community and collaboration are for a sustainable future. And because sustainability is not only an ecological question, but also an economical question, we would like to suggest the sessions of Evgeni Kouris and Kasia Odrozek on the new middle class, which will show you why zebras are the better unicorns. Also, find out what the region of Schleswig-Holstein is already actively pursuing and advancing in terms of sustainability. And above all: network with many "change makers" and prepare yourself to become one yourself soon.

Track #7: Eduaction

Education does not stop at school - what potential do online courses offer, how can I learn programming and how can I even change my career?

The last weeks and months have shown us how closely the areas of education and digitisation are connected and how important and exciting it can be to break new ground in times of uncertainty. We discuss this potential at the Waterkant Festival this year every Thursday in the Education Panel with Edu by opencampus.sh, Coursera Europe (Kerry Houchen & Anthony Tattersall), Class Central (Heba Ledwon) and the AI Campus of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Florian Rampelt), among others. In the first session on "How to Get Your Company Ready for the AI Age" we will introduce you to various courses on the topic of AI. If you are thinking about a new orientation as a programmer:in, you should not miss the session of the Front End Development Program of opencampus.sh. Be there and 'level up' at the Education Track of Waterkant!

Track #8: Ocean Tech

How can we better understand the oceans and use this knowledge to meet social challenges?

With the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Kiel is home to one of the world's leading institutions in the field of marine research, and we are pleased to have won the GEOMAR Technology Transfer Department as curator:in for the first time this year. With four sessions in the first week of the Waterkant Festival, the Geomar provides input with best practice examples from the marine founder:in landscape and shows the potential that the sea offers us to respond to social problems and challenges. In the Ocean Startup Scouting Session the GEOMAR itself looks beyond the horizon and keeps its eyes open to see which of the pitching startups should get a place at the Startup Camp SH 2020. That and how much applications from the field of Virtual Reality can contribute to our understanding and knowledge of the oceans is also shown by Cyan Planet, which uses immersive media to inspire action. GEOMAR will exhibit different projects around the topic "Plastic waste in the ocean". The focus is especially on current research projects dealing with the origin and spread, as well as the effects and innovative biological strategies for the degradation of microplastics. In addition, the innovation room "Bioeconomy at Marine Sites" (BaMS) under the direction of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel and the environmental organisation One Earth - One Ocean e.V. will present their work.

Track #9: Video games in society

Why gaming and esports are serious and important cultural goods and how does the scene in the North become active?

Video games and e-sports are already classics among the themes at the Waterkant Festival. This is thanks to the initiative IFgameSH e.V., which brought together the gamedev and e-sports scene in Schleswig Holstein even before its actual founding. This year the initiative is again curating its own track at Waterkant. The individual sessions will focus on video games as a cultural asset and technology engine and ask why they are still mostly treated as a poor relation in our society? What potentials and principles are hidden in the medium - and what is the situation in Schleswig-Holstein with e-sports and game development? In addition, this year the topics video games + e-sports are represented with an interactive exhibition that deals with the significance of computer games as cultural assets, gender diversity within the industry, media competence as an educational task and e-sports as sport, in order to bring their cultural relevance and significance out of their niche existence.

Track #10: Digital Health

What are the challenges and potential of combining health and digitisation?

Pedometers, sleeping pills, chip cards and Smartwatch - digitalization and health in various combinations have long been an integral part of our everyday lives. Also and especially areas like mental health, mindfulness and well-being are more and more focused and shaped by digital offers. This year we at Waterkant have further expanded the wellness aspect and so you can start the day every Wednesday with a morning mediation and finish the day with our live cooking sessions with the CEO of Barmer Schleswig Holstein. In the early evening hours of the weekend you can also enjoy the DJ Yoga Session of FlexxiFunk Yoga with Tabea & Ben Diggin'. On Thursdays, you will also learn about the topics that are of interest to both statups and large companies like Barmer, as well as the proposed solutions and potential in the field of health tech.

To make sure you don't miss a thing with this packed program, it's best to subscribe to the program and get everything directly into your calendar. Or simply subscribe to our Waterkant Telegram, which will become the programme newspaper of your choice for the duration of the festival. In any case, we are very happy to have you with us for these amazing sessions!

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