Waterkant Festival Summer

3 Jun
MFG 5, and online
Waterkant festival is transforming into a whole summer event. To keep things simple we call it the Waterkant Festival Summer. We can't host a thousand people together on-site this year, so we're filling the season with lots of smaller events to connect you with a bright new world of people, ideas and opportunities.
We're again opening the doors to our exhibition featuring great new exhibits, and of course delicious locally roasted coffee from the Waterkant Cafe on the Kiel waterside.

Six Core Days

Each of the core days is an immerse deep dive into a contemporary theme for society – with a Waterkant startup angle of course. Only 30-50 tickets will be available per day, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when they go on sale.

Brave New Worlds
3rd June 2021

The question of what it means to be human in a world that is irreversibly permeated by (digital) technologies is not new. And yet this very question must be asked again and again under changing technological conditions in order to navigate realistically, critically and positively between scenarios of technological hubris and social dystopia. With 'Brave new Worlds' we look openly and courageously at the potentials of technologies that expand and enrich human identity and ways of being - in the physical as well as in the virtual world. Because on the other side of all our devices there are worlds, relationships, experiences and economies that are just as diverse as on the material side. Come join us for a ride into the Metaverse and discover brave new worlds.

New New Work
4th June 2021

The pandemic has made remote working a necessity for many of us and accelerated the acceptance of virtual interactions like never before. However, transferring once analogue, face-to-face situations and processes 1:1 into the digital realm isn't easy and also it is not always effective. Rather it confronts us with enormous challenges: as organisations and companies, but also as teams and individuals. Even before the pandemic, New Work offered answers to questions of reorganisation and self-organisation, to team structures and work processes that go beyond the framework of 9-to-5, power hierarchies and performance orientation. Which fields of work could New Work reach under these conditions and which turn did New Work itself take due to these very pandemic conditions?d do our work can be hugely beneficial, but so is direct human contact. What does the new, new work feel like? The classic Waterkant theme, more relevant than ever.

Good Old Days
5th June 2021

With the phrase "Good Old Days", that evokes both comforting and reactionary images, we  take a look at the potentials and challenges of an ageing society, the 'Silver society', and think about these together with social and technological innovations. How should work change to leverage the potential of an older society? What innovations are triggered by age or the Silver Society? At the same time, we also take a look at which aspects of the 'good old days' are worth preserving and, in combination with digital solutions and technological innovations, can contribute to design desirable futures. The discussion impacts every one of us.

Future of Education
10th June 2021

The need for new ways of educating – and learning – was never as urgent as in the past year. We're asking younger voices to talk about their learning needs and innovators on the leading edge of science and technology, to share their vision about how to share, acquire and retain meaningful knowledge in tomorrow's world.

Futures Cities
11th June 2021

Cities have always been hubs of social and technological development and in less than 10 years, more than 60% of the world's population will live these hubs. With this in mind, the theme 'Future Cities', we look at urban innovations that are inclusive, sustainable and technologically smart and how they might help to design cities for tomorrow. How can the full potential of cities' cultural, social and economic diversity be unlocked? How can urban developments be triggered by participatory formats and effectively driven forward? What role can and must digitalisation play for the future of cities? And also: what can Kiel learn from urban innovations of other cities? Be part of the discussions about your future cities!

Forward to Nature
12th June 2021

A growing global understanding of the finite nature of resources and the fragility of the Earth's ecosystem has changed the way we deal with materials, methods and logistics. Our changing relationship with the planet has led to numerous innovations, e.g. in the areas of recycling and Cradle2Cradle production. With 'Forward to Nature', we are taking an even closer look at this field, at how and for which digital technologies nature is the godmother and how the potential of our environment can be envisioned and exploited in an ecologically sustainable, socially just and technologically innovative way.

Final dates might change. Sign up to be the first to hear!

Waterkant x Filmby Aarhus // Summer Screenings

Saturday night at the movies? We've partnered up with the amazing Filmby Ideas Lab in Aarhus to bring a crop of young film-makers and game developers to the Waterkant this year. The evenings will take the form of creative and media business workshops mixing our Danish visitors with you, the film and game dev communities of Schleswig-Holstein.

Filmby Aarhus Game Screenings, talks and workshops
5th June 2021
Filmby Aarhus Film Screenings, talks and workshops
12th June 2021

Startup Series

The Waterkant Startup Series will bring startup-focused topics, speakers and initiatives to Kiel and onto your screens all summer long. Join us for pitching and scouting, roundtables with regional corporates and startups, and much more!

WEmentor Mentoring Program

WEmentor is the mentoring program by Waterkant Festival and WEstartupSH. Both join forces to connect womxn to womxn entrepreneurs and enable empowerment in the womxn startup scene in Schleswig-Holstein and beyond.

Signals from the Future

Our monthly online format that looks at the people, ideas, technologies of today that enable us to envisage our possible, probable, and presferably desirable futures.

Waterkant Exhibition 2021

Building on the success of our 2020 exhibition, we'll be open throughout the summer (Fri - Sun). Our team of designers and guest curators are creating exhibits on themes ranging from foods of the future and maker culture, to social art and open education. Whether you are looking to get an overview of something brand new, or dive deeper into a topic you are already familiar with, the exhibition will have something for you.

Waterkant Cafe

Hugely popular with our exhibition visitors and those just taking a stroll around the MFG5. The cafe will open again this year on Friday to Sunday alongside the exhibition.


We're keeping a close eye on the pandemic numbers, and making contingency plans to switch the in-real-life events to virtual formats if situation demands it. On site we will again implement precautions for visitor numbers, social distancing and hygiene measures to make the events and exhibition as safe as possible.


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