Waterkant Season Closing Newsletter #8 2022

Dear Waterkant Community,

to close this awesome Waterkant season 2022, we have today a large amount of love to you in the luggage. What a summer! We are happy up to all our ears, inspired and so grateful. Without you guys, we wouldn't exist. You are the content and backbone of Waterkant. Thank you to the whole team, the speakers, the exhibitors, the sponsors, friends, family and helping hands. We love you guys. 💙

// Season Closing with Claus

©Eva Biederbeck

At the end of the Waterkant season, we held a Season Closing Event for the first time, for which our Minister of Economic Affairs Claus Ruhe Madsen also visited us on the premises, as we are largely financed by funds from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the State of SH. We gave an insight into the last three years of Waterkant Hub, the hottest startups of the North presented themselves and together with Mr. Madsen we talked about the future of startup culture in our beautiful state. He also had a tip for all founders:

“Keep it simple. Take an uncle, aunt, brother, sister and say, "Try this." [...] If they have to ask once, then throw the product away.”
- Claus Ruhe Madsen

It was super nice and inspiring and we really feel like continuing, not standing still, thinking bigger, staying innovative and taking you all with us!

➡️ RTL Nord accompanied the whole thing. You can watch the report here. (from minute 5:00)

You can find more photos on our Flickr account. Thanks Eva!

// Futures Thinking by Waterkant Hub

// Register until 24.10. 🚨
// open for all interested
// start 02.11.22
// Wednesdays 16-17.30
// ECTS and Leistungszertifkats acquisition possible

The future remains uncertain, but that is our chance! Because the future is something that is created by us. We can learn to actively shape our future! This course introduces you to the practice of thinking about the future and together we will understand what we can do with it concretely. Through the accompanying Coursera course, we will learn from and with the sensational author, TED speaker and game designer Dr. Jane McGonigal about the technique of future thinking that she developed as director of the "Institute for the Future" in California. Together with actors, projects and initiatives from the North, we will look during the semester at what this can mean for us and what strategies are used to first think and then make the future. This course is aimed at all those who want to recognize opportunities for innovation and invention more quickly.

Do you want to acquire the skills and confidence to actively shape the future? Then register NOW and secure your place in our course! We are looking forward to meeting you.


// Digital Entrepreneurship Degree

// Micro degree for digital product development
// Combi of four edu-courses
// Info event 20.10.22

The Digital Entrepreneurship Degree is a hybrid continuing education and training opportunity for ALL who want to acquire knowledge in the field of digital product development with impact. You do not need any previous knowledge!

We want to help people find new career paths in the digital transformation. To do this, we bring expertise from the world's best digital courses and from experts in local companies to our participants and orchestrate it in learning paths. This program enables you to acquire new professional skills and get to know local companies.  

We learn the theoeretic basics together within the framework of first-class digital learning offers from Google, Coursera or Meta. We also network with our best mentors and founders from the field and take you on excursions to Berlin, Hamburg or Denmark.

Besides that, practical experiences and real projects are the basis of the degree. We will connect you for this and with exciting startups/companies like MOVESELL, Windfinder.com or Otto (GmbH & Co KG) and you will hear from them what it takes to work with them or for them in digital product development.

At the end, you will receive a micro-degree that will pave the way for your own start-up, with which you will be welcomed with open arms by every modern company and for which you can also receive up to 15 ECTS credits if you are still studying (depending on the course and university).

In other words, this degree is one of the best ways to make your career path successful.

Organized by: Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Wedel University of Applied Sciences and opencampus.sh

Contents (courses can also be selected individually and credited towards the degree)
- Startup Fundamentals
- Startup Life: Start A Startup Course and Prototypingweek
- Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
- Digital Prototyping & Product Development
- Community: Events & Excursions

Costs: free of charge
Scope: up to 15 ECTS possible (depending on study program and university)
Start: 2 x per year
Duration: 6 - 12 months (2 - 4h a week)


If you still have questions, feel free to come to our hybrid info session 👇

October 20 // Hybrid info event on the Digital Entrepreneurship Degree

You still have questions? Then come in or zoom in: We cordially invite you to a free drink and snacks and look forward to seeing you via zoom or in our coworking space COBL in Kiel at Legienstraße 40.

Register for Info Event

See you soon!

Waterkant-Team 💙

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