About Waterkant

Connecting startups and corporates, society and technology, ideas and tools. Since 2016.

"The Waterkant Festival is becoming more and more important for Kiel's growing start-up scene and with its international appeal has become a great showcase for the innovative power of Kiel as a business and science location. It is not only a presentation area for digital trends, but also for topics such as sustainability and inclusion. The festival is a unique and inspiring event."

Ulf Kämpfer, Mayor City of Kiel, 2019

Waterkant is a showcase for innovation in northern Germany and is all about making connections between people and ideas – between you and the future.

Waterkant connects the regional startup scene of Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein with international thinkers, makers and corporates to envision ideas and solutions for the challenges and transformations we face as a society. Waterkant does this with year round events like meetups, hackathons, an exhibition on new and futurous topics, and the already well known Waterkant Festival.

Visitors to the Waterkant Festival can expect to experience innovation at the next level! An extraordinary mix of interactive workshops, inspiring speakers and informal exchange, takes place right at the waterside of the MFG5 area in Kiel. The festival is open to everyone to explore ideas that are changing the way we live and work, and check out the innovative products and technologies of the future.

"I actually have to say I love Waterkant. I came here and it was really refreshing to see so man new ideas that focus on alternatives and not just buying into the current, very dominant big data business model. I love the diversity and I love the fact that it is so approachable and it is very easy to meet new people and dialogue and learn about new ideas.

Cathleen Berger, moz://a, 2019