Young Waterkant

en // Young Waterkant, the sibling of Waterkant Festival, is dedicated to pupil's and young people's entrepreneurial spirit and will this year take place also as _virtual edition
from 22 – 26 June 2020 online.

de // Young Waterkant, die Schwester des Waterkant Festivals, ist dem Innovations- und Unternehmer:innengeist von Schüler:innen gewidmet und findet in diesem Jahr auch als _virtual edition vom 22 – 26 Juni online statt.

Powered by SEEd – Social Entrepreneurship Education

The UN Sustainable Development Goals in
5 themed days

Young Waterkant is organised in 5 themed days, each day dedicated to one UN SDG from which you can choose. The days are full of inspiring inputs from great NGOs like Viva con Agua, Bracenet or Amnesty International and also many opportunities to getting involved and becoming creative.

How you can be part of Young Waterkant?

You can be part of the Young Waterkant as single person or with your entire school class.
How this all works, where and how you can apply:

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