Erlebe das Morgen schon heute an einem Ort, der die besten Speaker:innen, die spannendsten Start-ups und die Hidden Champions des KMU-Sektors zusammenbringt: #Waterkant22



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Start Ups

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Experience tomorrow today at a place that brings together the best speakers, the most exciting start-ups and the hidden champions of the SME sector: #Waterkant22


You could enjoy these speakers at our festival this year:

Christl Bauer Head of Ars Electronica
Christl Bauer
Head of Ars Electronica
Betty Mü Videokünstlerin
Betty Mü
Sascha Wallenberg Chief Awareness Officer
Sascha Pallenberg
Chief Awareness Officer
Verdank Rogoznica Rotor ApS
Vedrana Rogoznica
CEO // Rotoy ApS
Christopher Strutz Business Lion
Christopher Strutz
Business Lion
Thilak Mahendran Kompetenzzentrum Open Data
Thilak Mahendran
Competence Center Manager Open Data // Bundesverwaltungsamt
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During the Waterkant Festival 2022, the MFG-5 site in Kiel-Holtenau will be full of ideas, inspiration, new thoughts and exciting people!

Waterkant Ausstellung Mobility
Waterkant Ausstellung Future of food

With interactive formats, workshops and exhibitions, you will be guided through future topics such as education, art, new work, mobility, AI and much more.

Become part of the community that is looking for new solutions to current problems and has already found some. On June 16 & 17, we will meet, share and learn from each other - we can't wait to finally see you all again ❤️

Waterkant Ausstellung Robotik
Opencampus logo

You want to take the future into your own hands?

The future remains uncertain, but together we can learn to deal with change! Climate, cities, health and all our personal packages that we have to face in everyday life challenge us today and will certainly do so in the future. How can we prepare for it? Learn more in our Futures Thinking course!

To the course

You want to become part of Waterkant?

Tell us about yourself, your idea or your start-up and become part of Waterkant. Whether exhibition, lectures or community events: We are always happy to welcome new faces!

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