Waterkant Festival

16th & 17th June 2022

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How to find us

Granted - it's not that easy to find us. Our festival hall is somewhat hidden on the extensive MFG5 grounds in Kiel Holtenau. The address is Schusterkrug 25, 24159 Kiel (Hall 51). You can find the exact location via Google Maps under "Waterkant Festival". You can reach us by bike (from Kiel e.g. with the free ferry across the Kiel Canal), by bus (lines 12 and 13 towards Strande or Schilksee Olympiazentrum, get off at Schusterkrug) and then on foot, or by car. However, we recommend that you do not use your car, as we only have limited parking spaces.

The Festival

Waterkant Festival is a Festival for founders, inventors, doers, influencers and idea carriers who are helping to shape the future and society of tomorrow.

The Waterkant Festival operates as a stage for founders from the region and as a space for further education and inspiration for you. Over the course of two days, innovation and ideas can be experienced in 99 talks & sessions, networking, live music, buzzing energy and festival feel.

Because connection is key, we are more than happy to have the MakerCube Conference for digital manufacturing technologies and innovations happening during Waterkant Festival 2022. 

Get involved in Waterkant Festival & exhibition. Find the Open Call for Participation and other options here.

Please note: Some of the pictures were taken during the festival 2019. We do hope to welcome as many people as possible, safely, to this years festival.

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Come handle the future with us

What if housing is free in the future? How might it change our work life?
What if remote working is the new standard? How might it change our mobility in the city?
What if we will consume 3D-printed goods? How might it transform the economy change to sustainable economy?

In 2022 we are opening our space for you to play around with possible, desirable, utopian or plausible futures.
Let us think in scenarios and cases in order to handle the future.

There are so many possibilities flying around, the hardest part is to find them, understand them, and use them in your own way. 

Maybe you will leave the festival with a big „?“. Sounds weird, yes, definitely. However, we are following the approach of opening the space to unforeseen possibilities, presenting content that nudges the brain, deflect biases through connection - and because that is not enough, this year, we want you posing even more question, as utopian they might be.

Can you think of a (utopian) scenario? 

The elephant in the room

Corona can be a burden to deliver a real-live festival. However, we see the possibility in Waterkant Festival 2022, therefore we are taking great care to make everything as safe as possible, going to go along law agreements and doing everything we can to make it happen.
We want to see you all again this year, and we will find possibilities that go along the rules of Schleswig-Holstein in force at the time to deliver content to you - no matter what.

You have questions, are curious and want to get more information? Then take a look at our FAQs!

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