2 days of Talks, Workshops & Hands-on Experiences

Experience tomorrow today at a place that brings together the best speakers, the most exciting start-ups and the hidden champions of the SME sector.



The Waterkant Festival is a festival for founders, inventors and doers who want to help shape the future and society of tomorrow. It serves as a stage for idea bearers from the region and as a space for further education and inspiration for you. For two days, you can experience innovations and ideas in over 80 lectures and sessions, networking, live music, infectious energy and festival feeling.

We are designing a place for you to play with possible, desirable, utopian or plausible futures. Let's think in scenarios and cases to manage the future.

There are so many possibilities, and the hardest part is finding them, understanding them, and using them in your own way. Maybe you will leave the festival with a big "?". Sounds strange, yes, definitely. But our approach is to open the space to unforeseen possibilities, to present content that stimulates creative thinking, to break down prejudices through connections - and because that's not enough, we want you to ask even more questions, utopian as they may be.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


What if housing were free in the future? How might that change our working lives?
What if home office remained the new standard? How could this change our mobility in the city?
What if we consumed 3D-printed goods? How might this transform the economy into a sustainable one?


Elina Åkerlind

Investorin | CEO | Nordic Node AB

Hanna Marie Asmussen

CEO | Localyze

Stefan Lundgren

Investor | Owner | Paginera

Selda Morina

Innovationsmanagerin - Head of Start-Up Lounge | REWE Süd

Jonathan Djalo

CEO | roomkast

Claus Ruhe Madsen

Minister für Wirtschaft, Verkehr, Arbeit, Technologie und Tourismus

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