UBC Seminar: The City of the Future

22 Oct

In collaboration with the Waterkant Festival the UBC Smart and Prospering Cities Commission invites you to its seminar "The City of the Future".

Part of a mega-region. Creative. Radically digital. International.
Is that the City of the Future? In this seminar we explore the thesis that the city of the future has these four key characteristics.
➔ In an increasingly complex world cities won't stand alone but will identify itself as essential components of a mega-region.
➔ How can creative forces initiate, promote and shape transformation processes in a city?
➔ They will be radically digital, offering frictionless citizen services and enabling sustainable, efficient infrastructure.
➔ And finally the city of the future will be international, leveraging highly functional partnerships that benefits each other and our entire globalised society.


Thomas Becker // Managing Director, STRING

Adiam Tedros // Head of the Development Programme Unit,Swedish Institute

Christian Pfromm // CDO, Hamburg

Tim Ole Jöhnk // Director, Northern Germany InnovationOffice, San Francisco


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