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The Waterkant Festival is an educational project of the opencampus.sh umbrella brand. The legal sponsor is the non-profit association Campus Business Box e.V. We create offers for self-realisation and support for all curious, upcoming or active founders for the strengthening of Schleswig-Holstein as a (digital) business location.

Our opportunity spaces, programmes and events motivate our participants of all ages and backgrounds to develop and reinvent themselves. We lower entry requirements, provide an open climate of support and incubate (start-up) ideas. Talented people who would otherwise have migrated to other areas and cities find and commit themselves.Through the training and support of multipliers, the ideal and material values for Schleswig-Holstein society increase. The value of this network increases with the number of its nodes.

Thanks to the funding from the Schleswig-Holstein State Programme for the Economy and the co-financing from ERDF, it is now possible for us to actively pursue our goals throughout the year. In addition to the annual Waterkant Festival as the highlight, the exchange with companies, start-ups and universities can be cultivated throughout the year in order to recognise their challenges more clearly and to be able to transfer them into new, suitable formats.

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