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What is the Waterkant Festival?
Waterkant Festival is part of as an annual event.

As an independent educational institution, we promote new and forward-looking educational formats in Schleswig-Holstein and beyond.

As Waterkant Festival, we make the future tangible by inviting speakers who propose exciting, inspiring and sometimes provocative answers to major social changes such as sustainability and digitalization.

We bring together students, employees, decision-makers, citizens and the curious with inspiring speakers and connect entrepreneurs with innovative solutions proposed by young startups from the North.

At the festival, a variety of different people come together at eye level to inspire, motivate and learn from each other. Workshops, lectures, informal meetings take place in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can get involved.

With us, you can hear, see and, above all, experience how Schleswig-Holstein and the North want to make - and will make - the future. No matter who you are - founder, student, employee, entrepreneur - and what your exact profession is, at the Waterkant Festival everyone will find something that will bring them forward, inspire them and make it fun.
Why are we a festival?
We call it a festival, because we are not a conference, nor are we a pure meeting or formal training.

Learning, trying things out, getting to know each other - all that is possible at Waterkant, but in a very relaxed and informal environment and always at eye level. And that also includes good food, a drink and good music. That's why: Festival.
What is a start-up?
A start-up is a company founded with an innovative business idea.

Although (or even because) there is usually no market yet for the business ideas of startups, they have a very high risk on the one hand and enormous growth potential on the other.

Startups usually do not finance themselves through classic bank loans, but rather through crowdfunding or with the help of venture capitalists. Schleswig-Holstein promotes the startup scene with a variety of events and networks, as startups make an important contribution to regional development and quality of life.
Do I have to have a startup or be a tech geek to be at Waterkant Festival?
No, you don't have to be a tech geek to come to the festival, have fun and learn something new.

The festival is intended for the general public and there will be something for participants of all levels - workshops, lectures or simply trying out new technology.

There will also be a social program with music and food. Waterkant Festival wants to bring together all kinds of people, so come as you are.
Is the festival barrier-free?
We try to make the content of the festival accessible to as many people as possible. Since our venue in particular presents a challenge in this regard, we are working together with experts on various formats and solutions to achieve our goal. As we are not able to implement all content completely barrier-free, we therefore explicitly offer people with disabilities to purchase a Reduced-Ticket.

People with disabilities can also bring a companion along free of charge. To do so, write to us at Please note: Admission for accompanying persons can only be granted with a written confirmation from us. So please contact us as early as possible!
I would like to cooperate with Waterkant Festival, become a partner, present my startup or give a talk/workshop. Where can I get in touch?
If you feel like working out something together with Waterkant, please contact us with your idea or suggestion at!
Is the Waterkant Festival a recognized continuing education program?
Every year we try to register the Waterkant Festival as a continuing education event in as many states as possible. We receive the official confirmations in the weeks and months before the festival and distribute them through our various information channels. If you are unsure whether the state of your employer is included, please contact us at:!
How can I have the Waterkant Festival recognized by my employer as continuing education?
If Waterkant Festival is recognized in the federal state where you are employed, you can download the corresponding certificate of recognition from our website and attach it to the application for educational leave, which you (usually) submit informally to your superior.

The best way to find out the exact procedure at your place of work is to contact them.
I would like to be a volunteer at Waterkant Festival. Where can I apply?
Yeah! If you want to support us at the festival, we are very happy! For this year the call for volunteers is already running, you can find more information on the Get Involved page of our website.

But be patient with our feedback, we will send it out in May.
How do I register for the festival as a participant?
You become a participant of the festival as soon as you buy a ticket. To do this, click on one of the buttons on the website and follow the further instructions.

At the end of the ticket purchase you can either print your ticket or download it to your cell phone.

In order to produce as little waste as possible, we recommend saving it on your smartphone. Show your ticket at the entrance of the festival and you're in.
What does a ticket for the Waterkant Festival cost?
There are different tickets depending on whether you are still a student, for example, or are coming to the festival as an entrepreneur with your company.

At the beginning of the ticket sales there is an Early Bird phase, where the tickets are cheaper.

If you missed it this year, subscribe to our newsletter to be informed in time next year.
Which ticket is right for me?
>>> You are studying, doing an apprenticeship, are currently without income, receive state support, are part of a startup or have a disability? Then choose our Reduced or Startup Ticket.

>>> You come as a private person and not as part of your startup or company? Then the Regular-Ticket is made for you!

>>> You come as part of a company or have an entrepreneurial background and think that we do something important for the regional economy? Then take the Business-Ticket!
What is the Soli-Ticket and who is it for?
Sometimes the money is simply not there to buy even a reduced ticket. There are enough reasons for that. With the Soli-Ticket you enable fifty:fifty with us to bring one person to the festival for free. Just add the 50% soli part (at the bottom) to your ticket purchase and we do the rest: We add the other 50% and give the tickets to people who otherwise couldn't afford it.

You are someone who is short of money right now? Then write to us at!

And don't worry, everything remains anonymous!
How do I get to the festival site?

You can reach the festival site by bus, ferry, bike, as well as car. Since there is a very limited number of parking spaces, we strongly recommend not to come by car.

The address of the site is:
Waterkant #StartupSH Festival
Hall 51, MFG 5
Schusterkrug 25
24159 Kiel

Bus connection: Take bus lines 12 or 13 from Kiel (towards Schilksee-Olympiazentrum or towards Strande). At the main station, bus 12 and 13 leave at the A1 stop. You can get off at the Schusterkrug stop and walk the rest of the way to the festival grounds (about 10 minutes walk). You can check out the route here.

Bike/ferry connection: Take Holtenauer Strasse north to the canal ferry and take the canal ferry. At the pier in Holtenau follow the signposted route to the festival area.

Car: As already mentioned, we do not recommend arriving by car. If this is unavoidable, take the B503 and the exit Friedrichsort/Flughafen Holtenau. Follow the road and pay attention to the Waterkant signs. Helpers will help you to find a parking space.
Is it possible to camp on the festival grounds?
Camping is one thing that makes us different from music festivals. Unfortunately, we can not provide camping on the festival site.

How to find us_

The best way to get to the Waterkant area is by bus (Lines 12 & 13 to Schusterkrug) or by Bike (Holtenauer Str. Out of town to the canal ferry and then following our signs).

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