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July 1-5, 2024

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Bring your own machine learning project or join others, and soak in the knowledge. It's all about learning, networking, and building new ideas together!

All the while, enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Waterkant Festival grounds while we take care of the catering. If you're not from the area, contact us for accommodation in one of our on-site glamping tents.

Coding Waterkant Programmierer

CODING.WATERKANT2023: From June 26-30, 2023, the Waterkant Festival, Kiel.AI, and the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Kiel (IPN), with the support of the State Chancellery of Schleswig-Holstein, will bring together machine learning and artificial intelligence enthusiasts to take their projects to the next level or exchange ideas with others working on their projects - all in the unique atmosphere of the Waterkant Festival! Attendees will have the opportunity to spend four days working on current machine learning projects, sharing ideas with other practitioners, participating in workshops, receiving input and feedback from invited experts, and presenting their work to a larger audience. If you need to take time off from work, you can apply for educational leave to attend the event. If you are not from Kiel and would like to attend the event, we also offer a limited number of overnight accommodations at the venue.


26 - 30 June
2023 the Coding.Waterkant will take place
4 Days
long you can participate in Coding.Waterkant alone or with a team
100 participants
are expected for Coding.Waterkant 2023
Waterkant Site
where the Coding.Waterkant takes place


Using Haystack to Build Generative QA with LLMs


Hands on Workshop with Haystack:
From Extractive to Generative Search Applications
Data Science in Practice
at Siemens Smart Infrastructure
Do's and Don'ts in Time Series Prediction
Do's and Don'ts in Labelling Text Data
Introduction to Hugging Face
Using Python to Set Up
Infrastructure for Hosting Models
AI Transfer-Hub and MDZ SH
Building and Using High-Performance Clusters on the Example of the AI Lab Luebeck


& RODRIGO PÉREZ SALINAS // Infineon Technologies
Get hands-on expertise in training autonomous vehicles.
Build, code and race a self-driving car equipped with an NVIDIA Jetson Nano, and
complete the Waterkant Festival race track in the shortest amount of time.

Whether advanced or just getting into the topic - as a participating team or as an individual,
you can expect:

Coding Waterkant Teilnehmer beim Programmieren
4 days to work on your current machine learning projects (or to start new ones, of course).
Sharing ideas with other practitioners (e.g., from Siemens or participating startups).
Contact with the talents and specialists of tomorrow (including participants in the Machine Learning Degree from
Fine-Tuning beyond Colab: Take advantage of the Compute from the AI Lab Luebeck
Workshops, input and feedback from invited experts
Unique team building & team retreat opportunity
Take educational leave


LLM-Enabled Support for Service Technicians
Jan Monica, Jake Petersen, Julian Greil, Florian  Koehler, & Hannah Weber (Siemens)
Implementing time series prediction with temporalfusion transformers (TFT)
Markus Heinrich, Lutz von der Burchhard, & Thies Schönfeldt (meteolytix)
Prompt Engineering with Large Language Models for Text Scorings
Chris Mayer & Sabrina Ludwig (Uni Mannheim)
Classifying Electrical Devices in a Household Based on Absolute Power Consumption
Florian Schlösser, Pascal Kuschkowitz, & Felix Wehkamp
Classification of financial instruments forprivate investors based on the description texts
René Lindloh, Sebastian Ernst, & Stefan Lauer (ARIVA.DE)
Pimp Your Videos - Object Detection and Large Language Models for Video Captioning
Nicolai Krekiehn, Eren Yilmaz, Ronald Seidel, & Niklas Koser (SBMI Uni Kiel)
"Leichte Sprache" - Plain Inclusive Language for Barrier-Free Information
Jan Waller
From Chaos to Clarity:  Live Text-Response Clustering in Classroom Settings
Nico Andersen (DIPF Frankfurt) & Tom Bleckmann (Uni Hannover)
"Dev Advisor": Elevate Your Coding with an Intelligent AI Partner Tailored to Your Project's Structure and Business Model
Abdullah al Amin, Mithun Das & Shahwar Zia (GEPROG)
How to Talk to Your Data - Unlocking the Power of Large Language Models
Christian Wiesner (Uni Kiel), Christian Radden, & Jeremy von Winckelmann
Martin Fischbock (Muthesius School of Fine Arts)

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