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Practical knowledge on specific topics - directly from experts.

That's what you get in our master classes at the Waterkant Festival.

In small groups, specific content is worked on using practical use cases, helpful tools and next steps are provided and the exchange between like-minded participants is intensively promoted.


Thursday, June 13, 2024 // directly before the big festival opening

How to build a brand with purpose in the age of AI
// Paul Spiers

We all know that AI is changing our (working) world. Companies therefore need to adapt more and more quickly in order to help shape change and not go under. But how can you adapt to ever faster changes? Corporate transformation is a continuous process that not only requires commitment and a willingness to change, but also challenges entrepreneurs and their employees to abandon old ways of thinking and break new ground. If you recognize this as an opportunity, you have the chance not only to survive, but to thrive. The important thing is to recognize changes before they happen and not just act reactively.

With over 20 years of experience in brand communication and leadership, Paul helps numerous companies to build their brands in a targeted and value-oriented way. He has been a speaker on this topic at London Tech Week and has spoken to over 200 entrepreneurs on his podcast alone

In our masterclass with Paul, managers and employees learn from professionals how they can better prepare themselves for an increasingly complex future of work and the world of work and make the best possible use of trends for themselves and their company.

// This masterclass will be held in English.

Negotiation skills for managers of companies and start-ups // Dr. Martina Pesic

If you negotiate well, you get what you want. At least most of the time. What is difficult in the corporate context, however, is that these negotiations and decisions can be based on many, but not all, economic aspects and logical arguments. When dealing with employees, it is important to include emotions, among other things. These are often perceived as a challenge, as they are difficult for management to grasp, but can lead to serious consequences if ignored.

This is exactly what Dr. Martina Pesic is an expert in. She founded her own management consultancy specializing in negotiation management during her doctorate in "Emotions in Negotiations". She has now been supporting people in various areas for over 15 years.

In our masterclass, you will learn how you, as a person with leadership responsibility, can represent your interests in critical situations with empathy and confidence. It is aimed not only at managers of large and medium-sized companies, but also at founders and managers of (fast-growing) start-ups.

Engagement marketing: How companies are targeting the next generation of buyers // Rasmus Hildebrand

The markets are overcrowded with products and solutions. The differences between them are barely recognizable for laypeople and are often not relevant for the purchase. Younger generations in particular want to be able to identify with the product, the company behind it and the brand. They trust companies that are approachable, transparent and have an online presence. In order to appeal specifically to these target groups, companies need values, personality and authenticity - packaged in personal stories.

Rasmus Hildebrand studied information technology and is a designer. He has already advised numerous brands and products with his self-founded company EXORD.

Work with him to develop a concrete strategy on how to expand your brand and reach your target group via social media. You will receive a framework for determining your specific target group, an applicable content strategy (Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest) and a guide for paid ads.

FUTURES SNACK_ Practical introduction to Futures Thinking // Futures Probes

The future is not set in stone and future developments are becoming increasingly uncertain and complex. But knowing what may lie ahead can give us security and the power to act. So how can we deal with this uncertainty and work to steer the future in a desirable direction? Futures Probes is a collective of feminist futurists, strategic designers and process facilitators with the aim of making the mindset and methods of "thinking in futures" accessible to all.

This Waterkant Masterclass, led by the founders of Futures Probes, will provide a first practical insight into the concept of futures in the plural. Together we will play with scenarios and explore the differences between desirable, possible and probable futures. We will use concrete tools such as the futures funnel and the 2x2 scenario matrix. It is aimed at anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of futures thinking.

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The best way to get to the Waterkant area is by bus (Lines 12 & 13 to Schusterkrug) or by Bike (Holtenauer Str. Out of town to the canal ferry and then following our signs).

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