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Robotic, sustainability, Web3, digital art, the future of aging or mobility. These are just a few headings of the exciting topics, projects and ideas that have been on display since 2020 in the Waterkant exhibition in Hall 51 on the MFG5 site in Kiel/Holtenau. An interactive exhibition that presents the spirit of the North, invites visitors to reflect and participate, is intended to inspire and has something in store for the whole family.

With the motto "What if...? " is intended to encourage exhibitors and visitors to think anew about the question of how we want to live. Future-relevant ideas, prototypes and projects of young startups from the region and beyond will be on display: whether sustainability, mobility, Web3, the future of aging or robotics - our exhibition aims to inspire people to trust their own ideas, to think big, to get started and to dive into the diverse network of creative future creators together with us.

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Waterkant Festival Cafe

The exhibition is the perfect destination for a day out thanks to our café, which offers delicious coffee, excellent cakes, sodas and other snacks. Take a seat in front of the gates of the hall, let the exhibition work its magic on you, enjoy the view over the Kiel Fjord and enjoy a delicacy from our café. The exhibition and café are open from June - September every Saturday and Sunday from 12-19 o'clock. We look forward to your visit!


Betty Mü auf dem Waterkant Festival

Betty Mü: VideoArt4Future / Egosphere

Year / 2022
Immersive Video- and Soundinstallation
Length / 3:30 Min
Soundesign / Enik

We humans have probably never been so free. The dreams and goals we can give our lives seem limitless. Do I want to have a career or start a family? Do I want to travel the world or work for it? Do I act now or put it off until later? All too quickly we lose ourselves in the maelstrom of the possible, get lost in the labyrinth of goals, fail because of the multitude of options.Betty Müs's installation leads us through the hall of mirrors of our ego. It shows ways between vision and illusion.

Her video loop is a surreal collage of AI-generated portraits, landscapes and cosmic views. At the center is the ego, the egocentric self-image that encounters the ecosphere with its seemingly limitless dreams and desires. As part of the VideoArt4Future initiative, the installation also sets an example for the ecological challenges of our planet.

What remains as a perhaps uncomfortable truth: Life is change - and you change with it. Get in, use your mind and enjoy the wild trip!

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Dressed App Mockup

Dressed App

Since the beginning of the year, the Schleswig-Holstein State Library has been developing the "Dressed App - The Virtual Historical Wardrobe. The focus is on the low-threshold mediation of historical textiles from museum collections with the help of gamification elements and on the basis of open cultural data. The app creates a new experience outside of museums and exhibitions to playfully engage with the textile testimonies of the past.

SH Landesbibliothek

Imagine Swings Logo

Imagine Swings

Imagine Swings works on versatile swing experiences and products that make swinging accessible and experienceable for adults again. For this purpose, appealing indoor swings for living and working environments are designed and produced as well as (partly in cooperation with others) the swing is combined with virtual reality experiences, with sound installations or even yoga exercises. With all projects, the positive effect on body and psyche is to be used in a variety of ways.


Kiel AI Logo


Kiel.AI is an initiative by opencampus.sh and a network for Artificial Intelligence in Kiel & Schleswig-Holstein.At the beginning of 2019 we started with the monthly Kiel.AI Meetup, as well as the Blog, but quickly the team and the vision behind Kiel.AI developed further. Meanwhile we form a central point in the AI landscape in Schleswig-Holstein.

Caesekrake Logo


Caesekrake develops aged cheese alternatives from sunflower seeds. During production, they stay very close to the traditional production process of cow's milk cheese. In this way, they want to show that environmentally conscious nutrition is a choice that people are happy to make.


rematter logo


rematter is a project from Kiel that works on the development of sustainable, biodegradable and local materials. For this purpose, local residual materials such as seaweed from Kiel's beaches are used and further processed with natural binders.


vanozza Logo


La dolce vita for us and our planet. That is vanozza's mission. With strong enthusiasm for Italian food and veganism, they offer the incomparable plant-based alternative to mozzarella. With vanozza, they bring a true taste experience to your plates and are building a range of vegan cheese alternatives in the future.


Geomar Logo


Biodiversity is of elementary importance for the state and future of our planet - and thus an important basis for human life. The exhibition takes you through the biodiversity of the oceans, from shallow water to the deep sea. In addition, we address ocean acidification. Here, the functioning of the research device "Mesocosmos" is explained.


NaPur Logo


The startup NaPur focuses on the production and distribution of sustainable everyday products. The goal is to banish conventional, harmful plastic as far as possible from our everyday use and thus advance environmental protection. To this end, they develop various products made from natural residues such as coffee skins (a residual product from coffee roasting) that are 100% compostable.

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ImPulse Ansicht


ImPulse's flagship product is Janān, a 3D-printed simulation training module for practicing pediatric cardiac surgery. Today, aspiring cardiac surgeons can only develop their surgical skills by practicing on live patients. However, because any newborn patient with a cardiac malformation is a high-risk patient, trainees get little to no opportunity to practice surgical procedures. Therefore, we must change the current paradigm of surgical training if we are to meet the increasing demand for pediatric cardiac surgery.

Spielköpfe Logo


The exchange about difficult topics such as racism or sexism is associated with insecurities and fear for many people. Through an unconstrained atmosphere at a games evening, such topics can be made more accessible and encourage reflection.


Umtüten Logo


With umtüten we make you want to rethink your everyday life! Our sustainable bags are a simple motivational aid to save disposable waste in everyday life. From spun yarn to packaging, they are produced transparently and in Germany.


Schorf und Jensen

Schoof & Jensen

What if a cargo bike could adapt to the circumstances of the user? Schoof & Jensen develop and produce modular cargo bikes for urban use.

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Maker Cube Logo


Whether start-up, craft or production company: the MakerCubes offer the possibility to deal with modern production possibilities and to sound out potentials for the own company.According to the motto 'Just do it', our trainers convey an introduction to digital production possibilities in different application formats. Here, quick results are achieved, such as the development of a prototype or a small series production.