Waterkant Ausstellung 2023


Since 2020, the Waterkant exhibition has been bringing together innovative projects and startups from Schleswig-Holstein and beyond from June to the end of September on the MFG5 site to present ideas, impulses, visions and designs for the future to a broad audience. It is time to look for concrete answers and solutions for the challenges of our time and we want to make them visible - no matter how far your project is developed. We are looking forward to round 4 with you!

Call for Participation – Waterkant Exhibition 2023

You want to be part of it and show your project to the public? This year there is again the opportunity to respond with a project to the open Call for Participation and become part of the Waterkant Exhibition from June to September. Join us and make yourself visible to our community of up to 25,000 people from startups, companies, organizations and politics!

Here is all the info you need to apply:

FAQ Call for Participation – Waterkant Exhibition

What is the goal of the Waterkant exhibition?
Since 2020, the Waterkant exhibition has brought together innovative projects and startups from Schleswig-Holstein and beyond from June to the end of September on the MFG5 site. The goal is to present ideas, impulses, visions and future designs to a broad audience.

Many, but not all of the projects of the last years are technology-driven. More important than the technological spin of a project is to show the innovative approach and to arouse curiosity.
What is a Call for Participation?
A Call for Participation is a call to get involved. We would like to think the exhibition together with you again this year. Through a small questionnaire you can submit your project and with a little luck become part of the Waterkant exhibition.
What is the target group of the Waterkant exhibition?
Expected target groups
The exhibition will be visited by the general public of different ages, school classes and professional audiences.

Smaller and medium-sized events organized by our partners and partner projects and/or guided tours of the exhibition are expected to attract more specific interest groups. These range from students and teachers to entrepreneurs from various industries as well as associations and organizations. The focus is often on professional or technical aspects.
From when to when is the Waterkant exhibition open?
The Waterkant exhibition will open on 03 June 2023 and is open every weekend Saturday and Sunday. In addition, the exhibition is also open on other days (except Mondays) by appointment for groups of 10 people or more. The exhibition will go into winter break after the last weekend of September.
For how long will our project be part of the exhibition?
How long your project is part of the exhibition can be arranged individually in advance. Everything between a duration of at least 4 weeks until the end of September is possible.
What are the possibilities to exhibit our project?
We would like to make the exhibition as interactive as possible. Your project should therefore be implemented with the help of a material exhibit, a video, audio file, pinboard, app, etc.

In addition, there are different exhibition setups e.g. wooden constructions/wooden frames in which your exhibits can find a place, or wooden cubes in different sizes on/at/with which you can present your project.
What are the requirements for the project in the exhibition?
The Waterkant exhibition wants to present innovative projects that give new impulses to tackle the challenges of the time. So your submitted project should raise a new perspective, propose new solutions, present smart ideas or give a new twist to existing technologies. With the different target groups of the exhibition in mind, the projects should be presented in an engaging, interactive and easily accessible way.

Requirements for your exhibition area:

A text of at least 300 and no more than 700 words describes and explains your project, its goals and approachThe exhibition narrative 'What if...' frames the project and is part of the description.

The exhibited project should provide the opportunity for interaction. This can be digital (e.g. via touchscreen) or analog (e.g. with pinboard, note & pen, etc.).Indication of contact options for the project (website, social media accounts)

Possible event on opening days (support with marketing and setup).
We would be happy if your exhibition project could be made tangible for visitors in the form of small events, meetups and/or workshops. For this, you as the project team would be on site during the regular exhibition hours and bring the visitors in contact with your project and you. We are happy to support you with the setup and marketing of the event.
Is there any help from your side for equipment and setup?
For the construction we can support you with a basic set of tools. We have a limited technology pool with TV screens, tablets, smartphones, PC (+ keyboard, mouse), TV suspensions, etc. We will be happy to support you with advice and action in the implementation and preparation of your project in the exhibition.
What info is needed on the application?
You apply with the help of a short questionnaire in which the following fields have to be filled in:

- Project name*, website of the project.
- Project description*- "What if...?"
- please complete these sentences with your project in mind*.
- Possibility to upload meaningful photos/logos*.
- Name & contact info of a contact person of the project*.

(* are required information)
When will we know if we are in?
The deadline of the CfP is April 14, 2023 and about 7-10 days after that you will get a notification if your project is included.
What's the next step while we're at it?
If your project is eligible for the Waterkant exhibition, we will contact you by e-mail. In a further step, we make an appointment for an on-site visit to the exhibition hall. This will make the space and possibilities in the exhibition hall clear and together we will consider which area and setup would be suitable for your project. You can then work on your exhibition area and stage your project in consultation with the Waterkant team.

Construction work should be completed by 05/31/2023.

Exhibition opening is 03 June 2023, 2 p.m.
What are the advantages for us?
As part of the Waterkant exhibition and festival, your project gets high visibility and is made accessible to a broad audience. By embedding your exhibition project in existing PR and marketing structures of the Waterkant Hub, you increase the media presence of your project. This can lead to a variety of contacts and new opportunities for cooperation with existing and new target groups, networks and also companies. Due to the vividness of the exhibited projects, which is required in the exhibition, their relevance is clearly emphasized. The exhibition hall and the overall set-up of the location will enable you to promote your project in smaller events to specific target groups.

Projects and topics last year ranged from: Future of Aging; VR Swings; 3D Printing in Orthopedic Technology & Pediatric Cardiac Surgery; Robotics for Surfboard Manufacturing; New Materials from Mycelium & Seaweed; Vegan Milk Alternatives from Sunflower Seeds & Soy; Gender Equitable Table Soccer to a Modular Cargo Bike.

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