Waterkant-Travelgroup visiting the Futurium Berlin

We took a trip to Berlin the other day and checked out the Futurium. This is a house of futures, which includes an exhibition to discover, a forum to share and a Futurium Lab to do it yourself. Everything revolves around the question of how we want to live in the future. Robot meshes, greened skyscrapers or communal economies?

What is particularly exciting is that there is not one future that we are inevitably heading towards, but that there are many possible futures that we can play a significant role in creating. There are infinite possibilities!

If you are ever in Berlin, you should definitely go there. A visit to the Futurium expands your horizons by a whole lot of other exciting horizons and is very worthwhile!

Thank you, dear Futurium team, for the great tour through your house. We are looking forward to everything that is yet to come!

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