Women's Entrepreneurship @ Waterkant

That's why we at Waterkant support women's entrepreneurship: Even in Germany, one of the most developed countries in the world, women still earn less money than men, there are fewer women in leadership positions and - less than 15% of all (tech) founders are women - kudos to Kirsten Mikkelsen, one of our Waterkant curators, who is not only a brilliant and successful businesswoman and researcher, but also inspires other women to start businesses and bring their ideas to life.

Kirsten is bringing women's entrepreneurship to Waterkant, and we can't wait to experience all of the great workshops around this important topic. We'll meet successful women in the tech industry and women entrepreneurs. Want to know why they are such a rare species? Attend one of our workshops on this topic to find out why we need separate programs to promote women.

First of all, there is a phenomenon called self-efficacy that can occur in all genders, but in many cases in women - especially in contexts related to masculinity and entrepreneurship. Research has shown that men always rate their performance much higher than women, given equal abilities. This is something that our curator Kirsten is trying to change. Second, society's perception of women still needs to change, starting with more girls choosing STEM subjects in school and breaking down stereotypes at a young age.

Want to learn more? Come to Waterkant and meet Kirsten and all the great women entrepreneurs. We look forward to welcoming you there!

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