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womxn connect womxn

WEmentor is the mentoring program by Waterkant Festival and WEstartupSH. Both join forces to connect womxn to womxn entrepreneurs and enable empowerment in the womxn startup scene in Schleswig-Holstein and beyond. WEmentor fosters, and strengthens the womxn entrepreneurship network, builds its community, offers various events, and provides the womxn entrepreneurship scene in SH the visibility it deserves.

WEmentor kicks off on June 4th as part of this year's Waterkant Festival Summer and runs for 12 month. With WEmentor's guidance, the mentor-mentee-tandems will co-create a frame for their mentorship while WEmentor hosts monthly network events and various inputs by inspiring guests and speakers.

Who can apply?

As WEmentor fosters connection between womxn, every womxn can apply no matter if she is a single entrepreneur or part of a mixed startup team. All-womxn startup teams are highly welcomed to apply for mentorship as a team. WEmentor embraces diverse ways in which womxn engage in and co-create the entrepreneurial landscape in SH. Therefore, our mentoring program is as open as possible.

Apply now – it's easy as 1–2–3

Fill in the application form and give us an idea who you are and what you are looking for – and we will find a good match for you! The application deadline is May 10th. Spots are limited. Sounds like it's something you want to be part of? So, get it rollin'!

Apply now!

We will get back to you mid-May to let you know if you made it.

WEmentor is your chance to team up with highly experienced womxn entrepreneurs and keep a year-long conversation while you build your startup, career and network.

You want to be a mentor? Drop us a line here! 

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